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About Us


Career development is a life-long process of exploration and decision-making. We, at the Student Career Center at the University of California, Merced empower students and alumni to reach their full potential by offering services in career development, experiential education, employment and graduate school.

To successfully accomplish this mission, the Student Career Center continuously fosters partnerships with employers, staff, administration and the greater community.

Our Approach

The Student Career Center serves a different role than other career resources. Rather than focus solely on students’ time as undergraduates, we are here to prepare students for life after college. Our philosophy centers around helping students develop the skills and mindset that will make their transition out of college successful, regardless of what their next step entails. We are a partner in each student’s journey.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Student Career Center welcomes all students, alumni, staff, faculty and employer partners from all cultures, identities, talents, interests and communities. We embrace and celebrate the diversity you bring to our campus and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where you are welcomed, respected and supported. The Student Career Center staff provides an environment where students are empowered to pursue lifelong career development opportunities. We promote open, honest dialogues, and continuous learning within our staff to promote a more inclusive environment for all.

To learn more about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion efforts within the Office of Leadership, Service and Career (OLSC), visit the OLSC Equity page.