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The UC Merced Student Career Center (SCC) is the campus hub of career-building opportunities and conduit to the employer community. We have strong relationships and innovative partnerships with organizations across a range of industries and interest areas—from big names to boutiques. Hundreds of companies come on campus to recruit, while thousands more engage virtually.  Whether you’re focused on health care, energy, finance, entrepreneurship, engineering, social impact, sustainability, technology, policy, media—or another industry—we’ve got someone for you to meet. Let students get hands-on with your brand, meet you, learn from you and share it with their friends. When they do, they’ll understand your values and why your company excels. After all, today’s UC-educated students are tomorrow’s corporate decision-makers, buyers, civic leaders, community organizers, scientific partners and investors. Engagement Opportunities have been adapted to the virtual environment which remains a delivery modality.  We look forward to hosting virtual and hybrid versions of these activities in the Fall semester.  We anticipate resuming on-campus offerings according to University guidelines regarding in-person activities on campus.  Please contact a member of our Employer Relations team to inquire about engagement modalities and to schedule your recruiting activities. 



Handshake is our online one-stop-shop which offers employers the opportunity to share their brand and opportunities with students. By creating an account and familiarizing yourself with our students online, you can make the most of recruiting at UC Merced. If you would like to post a position, view applications, request an event, schedule interviews, register for career fairs, or update students about your organization, you can do so by creating an account in Handshake, then creating an employer profile for your organization.

COMPANY TREKS                                                                             

We take students on industry-specific recruiting trips to regions within California. Students hear from employers about their professional journeys and the pathways they followed to career success. Hosting a student group during these treks gives students an opportunity to showcase their skills and gain exposure to career industries.  In Person Treks are generally scheduled during Winter and Spring Breaks while Virtual Career Treks can be scheduled during the Fall and Spring semesters.


UC Merced’s Student Career Center and the Office of Student Involvement are partnering to host a Fall Bobcat Reverse Career Fair and Leadership Showcase. At the event, student clubs and organizations set up booths staffed by student leaders while EMPLOYERS visit with club members by walking around the event.  Employers will be able to visit with student leaders from professional, academic and diversity/cultural organizations and explore ways to introduce your organization and opportunities to UC Merced students. No Registration Fee! No Parking cost! No booth set up! 


On-campus interviews can be scheduled with UC Merced students. Using Handshake, employers can post job descriptions, specify requirements, screen and download resumes and preselect preferred candidates.  Students log in to browse employment opportunities and information sessions, submit resumes and sign up for interview time slots. When recruiters schedule on-campus interviews applicants submit their resumes through Handshake. Recruiters review the documentation and invite candidates. Candidates then choose an interview time through the system. Alternatively, we can work with you to schedule on campus interviews using your preferred platform. To schedule on-campus interviews, please contact Magali Torres at .


UC Merced is an inaugural member of the Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) Career Collaborative! This is a partnership between 14 of the leading HSIs in the country, which are composed of at least 51% Hispanic/Latinx students. In Spring 2021, we joined to create the Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) Career Collaborative Summit; an event that provided a virtual platform for employers to engage with our diverse students/alumni population through a day of professional development and a career expo.  Please visit our website for more information -


Career and Internship Fairs give organizations the opportunity to make a direct impact on our students. If you would like to get in front of your target market and impress students in our university community, consider attending our Fall and/or Spring Career and Internship Fairs.  The Student Center hosts in-person and virtual fairs. 


You don’t have to be on campus to get your name out to UC Merced students. The Career Center will turn over our Instagram account to you for a day.


Host an event designed to support students as they navigate through the process of applying for internship and employment opportunities. Be available to answer just-in-time questions as students actively work on their applications and supporting materials. The goal is for students to navigate through the application process and successfully hit Submit! at the end of the event.


Webinars allow employers to connect with students virtually. You can host live online presentations or Q&A sessions without coming to campus, and students can attend from anywhere using their computers or smartphones. We’ll take care of the technical details, so you can focus on connecting with our students.


A professional development opportunity for students/recent graduates and an engagement opportunity for our employer partners. The timing of the event is such that it prepares students to interact with employers and recruiters at the Virtual Career and Internship Fair. During the networking event, professionals will meet with groups of students in a virtual networking setting to help students practice their "elevator pitch." Participating students and professionals will receive information and prompts that support a successful and positive virtual experience for everyone.


These career events bring together students and employers for networking, recruiting and industry Employers share valuable information about their career path as well as additional advice regarding the job market and industry trends.  While offered across many disciplines, our flagship Meet-Up program focuses on Pre-Med and Pre-Health careers.


Provide students with a first-hand and personal look at your organization. Select a private date to visit campus and enhance a recruiting and campus presence. We work with you to design and customize the recruiting experience.


There are over 200 student groups active on the UC Merced campus. Through them, students develop numerous interests including advocacy, research, and professional development. You might be interested in cultivating strategic partnerships with one or more of these groups as a way of increasing students’ awareness of your company and of building mutually beneficial relationships. SCC is pleased to Connect you with Student Leaders around projects, and partnerships.


We want to hear your ideas and love to experiment with new programs that attract students to your organization.  

For more information, please contact our Employer Relations Team:

Magali Torres at

Xue Lee at

Sponsorships: Elizabeth (Liz) Atilano at