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Office of Leadership, Service and Career

UC Merced - LLNL - LLF Undergraduate Fellows Program

Applications are now open for a one-year, $20,000 fellowship from the Lawrence Livermore Foundation

Fellowship Opportunities

The Livermore Lab Foundation (LLF) is dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. In partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), LLF supports undergraduate fellowships for students seeking to advance their educational and professional STEM goals. Fellows work as individuals and as a cohort, working closely with nationally recognized staff mentors on research projects aligned with student interests and skills. Learn more about LLF’s 2020-21 Fellows and our 2021-22 Fellows.

  • Full-Year Fellowship
    • A one-year, $20,000 award for a rising senior. Student completes a full-time, 12-week summer internship (remote) with LLNL’s Computing Directorate, Student continues as a parttime intern (approx. 5 hrs/week), consulting regularly with Lab mentors on research, academic guidance, and professional interests. Depending on student interests and available projects, fellow may be placed in other Lab divisions. Up to two fellowships available.
  • Summer Fellowships (NOTE: all 2022 opportunities are remote)
    • Carbon Initiative – a paid, full-time 10–12 week internship for summer 2022 with LLNL’s Carbon Initiative team, supporting the study of carbon management solutions central to climate resilience. Research projects examine real and timely issues and opportunities in California with the hope that best practices can be applied nationwide.
    • Life Sciences – a paid, full-time 10–12 week internship for summer 2022 with LLNL’s Bioscience and Biotechnology Division, focused on applying live cell imaging and computational modeling to study molecular mechanisms in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS / Lou Gehrig’s disease) patients.


Selection Criteria

  • Full-year fellowship candidates should be rising seniors for the 2022-23 academic year; summer candidates should be rising juniors or seniors
  • Student must be in good academic standing, with a demonstrated interest in STEM fields including but not limited to computer science, data science, carbon management and/or the life sciences
  • Student must be willing to provide regular updates to LLF on their progress and to promote their fellowship experience (e.g., public speaking events, student outreach, newsletter articles, etc.)
  • Candidates with demonstrated financial need may receive special consideration (i.e., LLF funds enable them to devote more time to studies vs. paid work commitments)


Application Process

Fellowships are expected to be awarded in mid-March 2022, and UC Merced staff will conduct the selection process in consultation with LLF and LLNL.

Your application must include:

  • Statement of interest (1 page) (Please include the specific scholarship you are applying for)
  • Resume
  • 1 letter of recommendation by a UC Merced faculty member sent on your behalf to the e-mail address above (subject line: "Recommendation Letter <Your Last Name>") Please include the name of the faculty submitting your letter in the email. 


Apply by March 13, 2022. Submit application materials to Lizbeth Lupi at