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For Current Student Employees

For Student Employment questions, please contact

Student Change Form

If a current student employee is moved to a new level, receives a pay increase, or employment is extended, please go to and fill out the Student Change Form and forward directly to

Multiple Campus Jobs

A student may be employed at two on-campus positions if the student is currently working less then eighteen hours a week and/or the student possesses a highly specialized skill or knowledge that is needed by the second employing unit.  There is no additional form needed for the student's second position but their new signed Job Posting-Description Form should be brought to the Student Employment Office in SSB 230 to be viewed and forward to the payroll office.  Hiring managers/supervisors must confirm that their new student hire does in fact currently have an active position on campus and remind them of the 18/hour week between "all" jobs rule. 

Evaluation Form

This Evaluation Form is intended as a tool to assist the student employee and the supervisor in communicating any road blocks to the student’s performance and continued employment in the unit.