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Graduate Students

At UC Merced, we take a holistic approach to graduate student and postdoctoral scholar preparation. Whether your goal is a career in academia, industry, government, or elsewhere -- professional development can expand your options and make you more marketable to employers. The Student Career Center, together with the UC Merced Graduate Division, provides multiple resources, as well as workshops and career coaching to support the many paths graduate students choose to pursue.

At any point in your graduate career, we can help you develop as a polished, successful professional and realize your goals


Graduate enrichment and Advancement Resources and Services (GEARS) is the Graduate Division’s multi-track professional development series designed to prepare graduate students for success while at UC Merced and beyond.


Professional Development and Strategies for Success

Planning for a rewarding career while managing the responsibilities of an advanced degree program may seem daunting but making time to learn more about your preferences and explore the wide variety of careers available to graduate students is a smart idea. Resources will help you maximize your graduate education, strengthen your network, enhance your level of professionalism, and prepare for your career – inside or outside academia.



Humanities and Social Science Ph.D.’s recognize the need for resources to help bridge the knowledge gap between doctoral students and the realm of career possibilities. ImaginePhD can help you with the following:

  • Assess your career related skills, interests and values

  • Explore Career appropriate to your discipline

  • Created self-defined professional development goals

  • Map out the next steps for career and professional development success


Need Career Assistance?

Participate by scheduling an appointment with a career coach. Appointments can be made on the Handshake system.

Graduate Students looking for career options can find help and information through one comprehensive job board. Handshake contains thousands of jobs outside of academia and across a range of fields and industries