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What if an interviewer asks me a question that I do not know?

What is important is how you handle the question. If you are not familiar with the topic, share a similar example that you are familiar with. You can also answer the question by providing your thought process on how you would handle the problem. When employers ask difficult questions they are more interested in how you think and handle a given situation rather than a “correct” answer.


What if I am invited for an interview but I have work commitments on that day?

Inform the employer as soon as possible if changes cannot be made with your current work. Most invitations are normally sent out two weeks prior to a scheduled interview time and day so try avoiding scheduling work commitments around your designated interview time.


What if I arrive late for an interview?

If you know you might be late, make sure to contact the employer or secretary as soon as possible to inform them about your situation. They may have to reschedule your interview, and might take your punctuality into consideration. As a rule of thumb you should always arrive at least fifteen minutes before your interview to allow your nerves to settle down.


What if I have not heard from the company long after I attended an interview?

Usually at the end of the interview, the employer will inform you with a notification period. If you do not hear anything after the notification period, you can send a formal follow-up via email to see where your application stands.


What should I do the night before the interview?

It is always important to be prepared for an interview, but to avoid stress, try doing a relaxing activity such as reading a book.