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Interview Attire For Women



Navy, dark grey, brown and black are safe suit colors for women.  Tailored, creased, fitted pants are also appropriate.  Stray away from anything too tight or flowing.  If you opt out for a skirt, the skirt length should be long enough to cover your thighs when seated.  Be aware of high slits, especially when seated or walking up stairs.  Before choosing your skirt, observe yourself seated in front of a mirror.  That’s what your interviewer will see.



Underneath your suit jacket, wear a tailored colored or simple print blouse.  A good quality knit shell is can also be worn.  Do not show cleavage.  Dress as if you were going to church or having lunch with your grandmother.



Avoid extreme styles and colors.  Accessorize according to your company.  For a conservative company, wear simple gold or silver jewelry.  In a more creative industry, you have more flexibility, but do not go overboard. 



Keep makeup conservative.  A little is better than none for a polished look.  Nails should be clean and polished.  If you choose to paint your nails, go for a neutral color, light pinks and reds.  Perfume and scented lotions should be used sparingly or not at all.  Keep in mind that people have allergies and sensitivities.



Wear leather or fabric shoes.  Closed toes pumps are acceptable, just no stilettoes or chunky platforms.



Always pair hosiery with a skirt or dress.  They should be sheer, not opaque and in neutral colors.  Stick to a plain style that compliments your suit.



A business-like tote, briefcase or portfolio is ideal for interviews.  Extra copies of your resume, business cards and any additional papers should be kept neatly inside.  Your purse/bag does not need to match your shoes but the style and color should coordinate with your overall outfit.