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How to Evaluate an Organization's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Now more than ever, workplace culture has become a top priority during the job and internship search. The UC Merced Student Career Center seeks to empower students throughout their professional development journey by celebrating their unique identities, advocating for themselves and preparing them for an everchanging, diverse and global workforce. Consider the following when assessing an organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion:

1. Diversity Statement

  • Research the organization’s diversity statement. What are the organization’s mission, values and goals?
  • How is the organization fulfilling these goals: social responsibility, community engagement or other initiatives?

2. Leadership

  • Seek out the diverse representation of the leadership team. This includes the Board, Directors, Vice Presidents and beyond
  • Does the organization have a Chief Diversity Officer or Diversity Manager?

3. Employer Resource or Affinity Groups

  • Does the organization offer support or interest groups? This could include LGBTQ+, race, ethnicity, women, first-generation or other identities.

4. Recruitment Strategies

  • Examine which companies are targeting diverse groups during the recruitment process. This includes the diversity of internship recruitment, externships, leadership and exploratory programs for diverse populations.
  • Is the organization participating in any diversity-related events hosted by the Career Center or other University-sponsored events?

5. Ask Questions

  • Interviewing is a two-way street. Inquire about how the organization supports diversity, equity and inclusion. Questions to ask in an interview or at a networking event may include:
    • How would you describe the office and organization culture?
    • What diversity, equity and inclusion training is offered?
    • What is your organization's commitment to hiring a diverse workforce?
    • What is your organization doing to make everyone feel included and that all voices are heard?
    • What is your business strategy or strategic plan? How is diversity and inclusion addressed?

Reprinted with permission by Villanova University Career Center