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Office of Leadership, Service and Career

Angelo Fatali

Internship Title: Content Management and Scaling
Department: School of Engineering
Mentor Name: Stefano Foresti

UC Merced has an opportunity to become a leading University in innovation by students with industry partners. The Innovate to Grow (I2G) projects are “internships in the classroom” with industry partners, expanded from the Engineering Capstone class to the Software Engineering class, now called “Software Capstone”. I2G partners are in a wide range of industries such as Ag, Food, Transportation, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Water, Construction, and more. Currently information and files are collected in multiple repositories, folders, spreadsheets, web pages, etc. There is also a process of engagement with partners, project submission, project interaction, and final project publication that needs to be documented so that it can be transferable to new people involved. Also, as the number of students and industry partners grow we need to scale and maintain these file repositories for data quality and efficiency. The project initially consists of organizing and reconciling the data among repositories, linking where possible, and then developing a centralized document for I2G procedures. The student will also contribute to the web development and content creation for the public site.