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Office of Leadership, Service and Career

Jowi Aizpuro

Internship Title: Geospatial Data Management Intern for Merced Vernal Pool and Grassland Reserve
Department: Office of Research and Economic Development & UC Natural Reserve System
Mentor Name: Joy Baccei and Erin Mutch

The Geospatial Data Management Intern will work under the direction of, and with oversight from, the Merced Vernal Pools and Grassland Reserve(MVPGR) Director, where further direction, co-mentorship, and training will be provided by the UC Merced SpARC Director and/or staff, and in collaboration with Physical and Environmental Planning Department, to advance, update, and integrate MVPGR geospatial databases and resources to support research, education, management, and environmental stewardship activities. The intern will also undertake one project from a range of options to demonstrate the utility of the new system to facilitate MVPGR mapping and communication capacities.