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Resume & Cover Letter


  • A resume is a concise document intended for industry career searches. It is often the first impression an employer has of you. Experienced recruiters will only spend a few seconds reading it, so make sure it shines!!
  • Often one or two pages, a resume utilizes highlights chronologically to showcase your background. A CV is an academically focused document that delineates your academic career, including research, teaching, funding, and specialized skills. A CV can run much longer and is needed for those seeking academic positions.

Cover Letter

  • Your cover letter makes the link between the qualifications in your resume and the requirements of the position. Make it succinct, relevant, and well-worded. Use this document to answer questions. Can you do the job? Why are you interested? Use this space to professionally explain any gaps in employment or unusual major or career changes. For sample cover letters, take a look at our resume and cover letter guide below!



  • Professional references are those who know you and your work well. Prepare references in advance by letting them know what you are applying for and when you have given their name. Always reconfirm that someone is willing to be a reference.