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About StandOut

Click this Image to be taken to StandOut


What is StandOut?

UC Merced is pleased to provide an innovative practice interview system to help students with their professional abilities. The Standout links on this page will take you to the UC Merced Standout page where you will be able to practice a number of different interviews based on your current career focus.  This interactive feature will allow you to immediately practice your interview skills and further connect with a career specialist if needed.


How do I use the StandOut platform?

  1. Visit StandOut and sign-in with your UC Merced Authentication
  2. Once you are in the StandOut Portal, select Practice.
  3. Select an interview from the available categories. Select More Details to access a specific interview. You can also create your own practice interview by selecting Create Your Own Practice.
  4. Once in your interview, select the play button in the middle of the interviewer window. Your response will be recording once the interviewer completes their question.
  5. Select Next.
  6. After the interview is completed, you can review your responses through the provided assessment and retest if necessary.
    1. We encourage students to self-assess their practice interview after each completion. Please refer to the provided Virtual Practice Interview Rubric linked below!
    2. If you are having difficulties with the StandOut website or need further review, you can schedule a practice interview appointment with your school’s specific Career Specialist through Handshake and then select the Share Button in the Standout page.

Interview Resources

  1. Please use this review rubric to help you grade your own interview.
  2. Visit our Interview Prep and Guides page for additional tips and guidance in your Interview Practice!