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Career Toolkit

Resumes for Students in Engineering

The Resume

A resume is an opportunity for you to make a strong first impression with an employer. Crafted effectively, your resume will set you apart from other candidatesand is used by employers to select candidates for an interview. In addition to summarizing your experience and education, a strong resume will communicate the results of your work.

Is your resume Bobcat Ready?


Writing Winning Resumes


Cover Letters for Students in Engineering

The Cover Letter

A cover letter accompanies a resume and is a professional introduction of yourself to a prospective employer. A cover letter generally consists of three or four paragraphsand is usually less than one page. Each cover letter is tailored to the specific job description for which you are applying.


The Interview

StandOut - Practice Interviews

On StandOut, you will be able to practice a number of different interviews based on your current career focus. This interactive feature will allow you to immediately practice your interview skills and further connect with a career specialist if needed


Acing the Interview