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DACA & Undocumented Students

Employment Opportunities

  1. Best Colleges | Internship & Fellowships
    • The following list of national opportunities are open to either DACA or undocumented students.
  2. Life After College Guide (P. 29-34 for Independent Contractor)
    • This guide talks about what is an independent contractor and how it might be beneficial to become one as a way of employment.

Career Resources

  1. Immigrants Rising
    • Immigrants Rising is an online resource for undocumented students pursuing higher education to have resources on funding, building community, talk career pathways, etc.
  2. Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) Waiving Fees for the LSAT
    • DACA students can receive a LSAT fee waiver by applying here.
  3. Life After College Guide
    • This guide explores the different options Undocumented students have after graduating from an undergraduate program (I.e., Graduate School, Employment, etc.)
  4. My Undocumented Life
    • This online resource showcases up to date information regarding resources and news that impact the
      experiences of undocumented students
  5. National Immigration Law Center
    • The NILC has a list of common employment questions that pertain to employment and DACA.
  6. UC Merced's Undocumented Grad Student Handbook
    • Considering Graduate School? UC Merced’s Graduate Division has developed this resource book for
      undocumented students as a way to help navigate the graduate school experience.

Professional Development

  1. The DREAM Bar Association
    • This association is specifically for undocumented to provide a community for those currently or has an
      aspirational interest within the field of law.
  2. Latino Medical Student Association
    • The LMSA is an association open to all members of the Latinx community who are interested in
      pursuing medicine and offers a number of opportunities for professional development.
  3. Pre-Health Dreamers
    • This local association is dedicated for current graduate students pursuing a PhD program in the
      healthcare field and offers a variety of services of mentorship, professional development, and
      information regarding legislation.
  4. United We Dream
    • An organization aimed at protecting the rights of undocumented people.
  5. Undocublack Network
    • This network is for current and former undocumented Black people to access resources and promote

On Campus Resources

  1. Services for Undocumented Services
    • Offered through the Bright Success Center, the Services for Undocumented Services empowers
      students in their academic and personal development.
  2. UndocuScholars Academy
    • The UndocuScholars Academy has been designed to empower undocumented students through an
      eight-week, small-group, interactive career seminar managed by the Center for Career and Professional
  3. Office of Student Involvement
    • The Office of Student Involvement have a number of registered clubs and organizations that reflect a
      student's identity. Some clubs and organizations that already exist for DACA & Undocumented students
      include Undocu Pride.