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Students with Disabilities

Job Boards

  1. abilityJOBS
    • This job board is a dedicated job board for those currently pursuing their job search and identifies as having as disability.
  2. disABLEDperson
    • This platform works with employers/organizations that are looking for applicants with diverse backgrounds, especially professionals with disabilities. 
  3. Inclusively
    • Inclusively is a job site that not only matches employers to job seekers, but they provide additional training to employers on how to retain and support diverse talent. 
  4. NTI@Home
    • NTI@Home helps people with disabilities in obtaining remote opportunities while also providing training services to be successful in these roles.
  5. Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities
    • This program is for students with disabilities who are interested in working for the Federal Government and/or the private sector.

Career Resources

  1. American Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • The ADA gives an oversight of how people with disabilities are covered in regards to employment opportunities.
  2. ETS Accommodations Guidelines
    • For students who are wishing to further their educational pathway, and is required to take standardized testing, this webpage is the space to request accommodations for testing like the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).
  3. Disclosure: When and if to Disclose
    • These resources offered through JAN explores the questions of what it means to disclose your disability and also provides answers to some frequently asked questions.
  4. How to Request Disability Accommodations During a Job Search
    • This article by The Muse provides tips in how to approach your employer when you are going to request an accommodation.
  5. Job Accommodation Network
    • JAN is a professional resource in navigating requesting accommodations in the workplace. 
  6. Disability Equality Index Report
    • This yearly report indicates benchmarks of what makes a workplace inclusive for people with disabilities, as well as a list of companies who demonstrate this.

Professional Development

  1. American Association of People with Disabilities
    • AAPD is a professional association that offers an array of opportunities for advocacy and experiential learning opportunities.
  2. Association on Higher Education and Disability
    • AHEAD is a professional association for those working in higher education field and offers services such as networking opportunities and legal resources.
  3. DREAM: Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring
    • DREAM is open to all students who identify with having a disability and actively promotes student rights, accessibility, mentorship, and more!
  4. Lime Connect
    • Lime Connect is a professional resource that can give students access to opportunities such as networking/mentoring opportunities, scholarship opportunities, job/internship opportunities, and more!

On Campus Resources

  1. Student Accessibility Services
    • Student Accessibility Services is a part of the Calvin Bright Student Success Center. Their missions are "to promote equal educational access and full participation by and for students and disabilities in the rich academic and campus life environments at UC Merced."
  2. Office of Student Involvement
    • The Office of Student Involvement have a number of registered clubs and organizations that reflect a student's identity. Some clubs and organizations that already exist for Students with Disabilities include the American Sign Language Club.